NTSh-USA Academic Grant Application Requirements

The Shevchenko Scientific Society supports scholarship in all disciplines of Ukrainian and Ukraine-related studies. Work in other fields may be considered if special considerations warrant it. Specifically, the Society has Funds dedicated to supporting studies in the fields of law, mathematics, medicine, art, music and architecture.

1.- Types of awards (and conditions):


Conference/Workshop (organization and/or implementation)

Conference travel: only if the applicant will present paper at the conference

Graduate studies fellowships (“aspirant” in Ukraine and Ph.D. level in universities

outside of Ukraine) in Ukrainian or Ukrainian-related studies in a broad sense

Dissertation Enhancement:

* completed bulk of research

* for specific purposes such as work in archives, interviews, purchase or copying of

documents, preparation of graphics or maps, etc.



2.- Deadlines for submissions of grant applications:

a) Conference Travel: at least 2 months prior to the conference date

b) All other grants: November 1 and May 1

4.- Required documentation:

a) For all types of grants:

- curriculum vitae with selected publications and current research (if relevant)

- description of proposed work and deliverables: enough detail to evaluate the

importance and feasibility

- 2-3 letters of recommendation (for Conference Travel, Conference/Workshops, letters

of acceptance)

- detailed budget for funds requested

- starting date, duration and timetable (if relevant)

b) Specific documentation for conference travel:

- paper or abstract of the paper to be presented and a copy of the program

of the conference.

All documentation should be sent in electronic form (possible exception: letters of recommendation, if possible, should be scanned and sent by E-mail).

Paper applications will not be considered.


1.- Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

2.- Late applications will not be considered; applicants have the option to resubmit

them for the next cycle.

3.- Preference will be given to applications providing evidence of funds for the

project/activity from other sources.

4.- If the applicant had a prior grant from NTSh, a written final report about the

grant has to be submitted to the Grants Committee, before another grant

proposal can be considered.


Shevchenko Scientific Society (NTSh) – USA


Full name:

Title and place of work (if working) or (Student/Retired):

Field of specialization:



Postal address:

Country and date:



Brief description (under 100 words, include the amount requested; if conference, indicate place and dates of conference).