Ukrainians in the United States: A research agenda

In order to encourage and facilitate research on this topic, as well as to provide objective and reliable information for the organized community on the characteristics of Ukrainians in the United States, their problems and potential, the Shevchenko Scientific Society in New York decided to create a Research Center for the study of the Ukrainian diaspora in the US. Our plan consists of the following steps:

  • Create integrated data bases with official data on Ukrainians in the US
  • Post on this web site tables, maps and graphs based on these data bases
  • Next, make these data bases accessible to all interested persons and researchers, by posting them on this web site
  • Update regularly these data bases, tables, maps and graphs, and add other available data sets
  • Provide an exchange and discussion forum for persons interested in socio-economic research on Ukrainians in the US
  • Facilitate the use of these data by decision makers in the US, Ukraine and other countries.

IMPORTANT: The data presented here are based on samples and have sampling errors; the smaller the number the larger the sampling error. For example, a value of 0 does not mean that there are no persons in this category. As a rule of thumb, values under 100 should be used with caution, as they have large sampling errors. Also tables for Metropolitan Areas (MAs) are for selected MAs, i.e., with sufficient number of Ukrainians to reduce sampling error in the different cells of the tables.