The definition of “Ukrainians in the U.S.” has changed. We keep the data in the other sections based on the previous definition, but all the results in this section are based on the new definition.

The previous definition of “Ukrainians in the U.S.” is: persons who declared “Ukrainian” as their only, first or second ancestry. The new definition adds persons who did not declare “Ukrainian” as their ancestry but were born in Ukraine or speak Ukrainian at home. The new definition has the following implications:

1) The number of Ukrainians in 2018 changed from almost one million to 1.128 million, an increase of 11.4 percent. For previous years the increase is about ten percent.

2) Changes in percent of Ukrainian- and Russian-speakers in 2018: from 15 and 17 percent with the previous definition to 16 and 22 percent with the new definition.

3) Change in the number of 4th wave immigrants in 2018: from 225 thousand, or 22.5 percent of the total, to 320 thousand or 28 percent of the total.

This change is consistent with accepted statistical practice. Immigrants from a country are included in the group identified with the country.