- click on the box with New Jersey and select a State
- select SuperPUMA or PUMA
- a map will be updated and centered on the State chosen and a bit later you will see borders of SuperPUMAs or PUMAs in red color and red circles in each SupePUMA or PUMA (this may take a little time depending on the speed of your Internet connection; (in some cases you may need to click on Refresh button in your browser)
- click on a red circle and you will see a list of indicators for that unit
- you can zoom in or out and move the map with the controls +/- and arrows
- click on the All indicators box, select one indicator and it will be displayed in all units

Interactive Maps by State

Due to confidentiality considerations, Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMs) do not provide data for geographic units with less than 100,000 population. Besides States, Metropolitan Areas and cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, PUMs provide data by specially defined units called SuperPUMAs and PUMAs (Public Use Microdata Area). SuperPUMAs are areas with approximately 400,000 population, while PUMAs are areas with approximately 100,000 population and SuperPUMAs are composed of several PUMAs. Depending on population size, some counties are divided into several PUMAs, some PUMAs are composed of several counties, and some PUMAs are composed of parts of counties. PUMAs follow States lines but do not follow county lines. Maps are presented for each State with six indicators for each SuperPUMA or PUMA.

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